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Category: Rock

Juggling Jugulars - Can You Explain ? (Vinyl)

Category: Rock

8 comments on Juggling Jugulars - Can You Explain ? (Vinyl)

  1. Artist: Title: Year: Label: Condition: Price: Comments: Not For Trade: 7" but Alive: Schmutzig: Off Time Records: fuckingcom: Self Titled: Prank.
  2. Juggling Jugulars: Can You Explain? (CD) CD HICKS, Hiljaiset Levyt, Survival Of The Fittest Fifteen Minutes Can You Explain?
  3. Can You Explain? 7"EP/CD by Juggling Jugulars. buy now you own this wishlist in wishlist» split 7"EP w/A.O.B. by Juggling Jugulars.
  4. Juggling Jugulars: Insurrection LP/CD is still in the press LP will be released by Trujaca Fala (Poland), Break The Silence Records (Germany) and Roku Records (Finland). CD will be released by Liinaharja Hardcore (Finland) and Too Circle Records (Japan). Looking forward to it!
  5. INSURRECTION LP/CD (LP: Trujaca Fala, Break The Silence Records, Roku Records/Poland, Germany, Finland/; CD Too Circle Records, Liinaharja Hardcore/Japan, Finland). Recorded at .
  6. Juggling Jugulars: New Toys (CD) CD HICKS, Hiljaiset Levyt, 1. Consumers 2. Let's Be Animals 3. Do A Favor 4. Burn! Burn! Burn! 5. Image 6. Toy Voters 7. Revenge 8. Violence In The New World Order 9. Energy Suolia Ja Ulosteita.
  7. juggling jugulars: salute no one lp 10 € juggling jugulars: forward 12" 8 € uutta kamaa, yks biisi suomeksi juggling jugulars: asylum ep 5 € juggling jugulars: new toys mcd 5 € juggling jugulars: can you explain? mcd 5 € kaaos: totaalinen kaaos ep 7 € komea gatefold + vihko kaaos: nukke ep 5 €.

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