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Magic Mushrooms

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  1. Buy magic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, psilocybin cubensis or psilocybin mushroom here at Psilocybin Lounge finely pick and properly selected. We carry some of the best species or mushroom strains such as chitwan cubensis,penis envy mushroom,Ecuador cubensis, golden emperor shrooms, Transkie cubensis, Psilocybe mexicana, psilocybe cyanescens, white psychedelic mushroom.
  2. Psilocybin has been found in over species of mushrooms, however, the most potent psilocybin mushrooms are those belonging to the genus Psilocybe. Psilocybe mushrooms grow around the world, and archaeological evidence suggests they have been used by native peoples of Mesoamerica for religious communion, divination, and healing.
  3. Buy Magic Mushrooms. Colorado Based Buy Magic Mushrooms and truffles USA also called Philosopher’s Stones. We stock only the best magic Mushroom. Therefore you can be sure the best quality from our shop. Our truffles have the right taste and the right amount of active ingredients.
  4. Buy magic mushrooms we’ve got just the perfect product for you. More and more people get to know the uses of these shrooms day by day and would want to grow magic mushrooms, so the go out to find magic mushrooms in the wild. We have professionally made magic mushrooms .
  5. Magic mushrooms are one of the safest recreational drugs available, next to marijuana. It is almost impossible to overdose, you would have to eat 18 pound of mushrooms to die from an overdose, and at that point you would more likely die from over ingestion than from the psilocybin.
  6. Why buy a magic mushroom grow kit? Since December it is illegal in Holland to sell magic mushrooms commercially. Therefore fresh or dried magic mushrooms are not for sale anymore. However, the magic mushroom grow kits to grow magic mushrooms on a small scale have not been banned. It remains legal to buy them in a Dutch smartshop or online.
  7. Disclaimer: Growing psilocybin mushrooms for consumption is a potentially illegal activity, and we do not encourage or condone this activity where it is against the law. However, we accept that people will grow psilocybin mushrooms, and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe.
  8. As psilocybin mushroom enthusiasts ourselves, we personally sample and test all products to ensure they meet our highest standards. Buy mail order magic mushrooms online in Canada directly to your home or mailbox. Experience great customer service from a safe, reliable, and secure company you can trust. Every purchase comes in discreet sealed.

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