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Symbiosis In Death - Bitterness - 10 Years In T.H.R.A.S.H. (Box Set, LP, Album)

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Category: Alternative

9 comments on Symbiosis In Death - Bitterness - 10 Years In T.H.R.A.S.H. (Box Set, LP, Album)

  1. Apr 24,  · Symbiotic relationships occur when two organisms interact in a way that benefits one or both of them. Biologists classify symbiotic relationships as either facultative or obligate. In facultative relationships, the organisms can live without each other. In obligate relationships, one or both of the organisms would die.
  2. May 03,  · Symbiosis. Symbiosis is a concept which helps to explain one type of unhealthy relationship. The term symbiosis comes from biology, where it is used to describe two organisms working together for mutual benefit and, in the process, acting as one.
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  4. Symbiosis is a term that is used to describe the outcome of an interaction between a bacterium and its host (Hentschel, Steinert, & Hacker, ; Moran, ). A symbiosis can vary from being pathogenic (where the bacteria harm the host) to mutualistic (where .
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  6. Sep 07,  · In this study, we focus on the phylogenetic and evolutionary aspects of bacterial leaf symbiosis based on an extensive sampling of nearly 10% of all leaf nodulated plants. We propose to investigate the host specificity and the obligate aspect of the interaction and to test the key hypothesis of an ancient infection within an ancestral leaf.
  7. The traditional definition of symbiosis is a mutually beneficial relationship involving close physical contact between two organisms that aren't the same species. Most biologists still adhere to this definition. Some biologists, however, consider any interspecies relationship involving frequent close contact to be symbiosis, regardless of which of the organisms benefits.
  8. The definition of symbiosis was a matter of debate for years. In , Albert Bernhard Frank used the term symbiosis to describe the mutualistic relationship in lichens. In , the German mycologist Heinrich Anton de Bary defined it as "the living together of unlike organisms". The definition has varied among scientists, with some advocating that it should only refer to persistent.

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